Heart To Table Praise

Mindvalley has worked with Leyla and Heart To Table at some of our biggest events and we’ve been blown away by the love, the care, and the experience that she is able to curate. Highly recommend her and Heart To Table!
— Vishen Lakhiani, Founder & CEO of Mindvalley, Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

The most BEAUTIFUL dinner I have ever been to! Not only was it aesthetically enriching, Leyla brought out our best selves, and that kind of beauty makes the world go around. Time flew by, as we shared good energy, stories, and human centered moments.
— Chris Schembra, Founder & Ceo of 7:47 Club
Chris-Schrembra copy.png

Leyla curated the most wonderful souls into an evening that felt like a portal. She created a safe and intentional container, guided by ritual and ceremony, where vulnerability could unfold in its full expression. After meditation and mindful eating practices, we regaled each other with heartfelt stories and experienced a deep sense of communion with each other, and parts of our own self in want of love. I feel blessed to know Leyla and to be a part of Heart to Table.
— Hugo Liu

I left Heart to Table feeling more in love with myself and more in love with the world around me. Every detail at the dinner had a specific meaning, and it’s Leyla’s attention to detail that created a beautiful and safe space to gather and be more connected to ourselves and the people around us.
— Molly Victoria

Such luck, you’ve got an invitation to a table of spiritual foundation. Step inside and take your seat. Meditate, mingle, nourish, and complete. With her heart, you will reach a height, this is HOME, our Standing Light.
— Adrian Aizenstat

I didn’t know a single dinner could be life changing. I came hungry, but left feeling more connected to myself, my purpose, and the people who shared the experience with me. Leyla provided an atmosphere and guidance that could only be described as “magic” which I’ll never forget.
— Bryan Stacy

Food was delicious and not only nurtured the body but also the soul. Ambiance was soothing and relaxing. Even better was that Leyla made space for us to dig deep into our hearts and share with everyone on the table. Most of us shared more openly here than on family dinners.
— Ashok Thakur, Published Author of Infinite Love Finite Life